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Ką pasėsi... 2024

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Ką pasėsi... 2024

International Agricultural exhibition
“Ką pasėsi... 2024”

The 28th edition of the exhibition "Ką pasėsi..." will invite everyone related to agriculture to come to the Academy of Agriculture to find out what has changed in agribusiness during the winter. It is a good opportunity for participants to present the news of their field, chat with colleagues, and see how their partners and competitors live. Visitors will be left to choose the products and services that best meet their needs from a wide range of offers. In the educational program of the exhibition, researchers and practitioners will share their accumulated knowledge and experience. Traditionally, there will be a fair of crafts and seedlings.

The themes of the exhibition:

  • agricultural machinery

  • ​crop processing and storage equipment

  • seeds, plant protection products and fertilizers

  • products and equipment for livestock and poultry farming and aquaculture

  • forestry and municipal machinery;

  • construction, water management, heat management and pest prevention

  • gardening equipment

  • spare parts, tires, lubricants, tanks, tools, work clothes

  • digital technologies for agriculture

  • agricultural science, consulting services, specialized publications

  • insurance and other financial services for agriculture

  • SUVs and special vehicles for agriculture.

Attendance at the exhibition is free.